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05 April 2011 @ 08:04 am
SDJ In The Borgias  
Here's a heads up...

"High hopes were had for Showtime's 15th century Spanish family potboiler, "The Borgias," after their success of "The Tudors."

I was salivating for a period drama dripping with intrigue, sex and lots of Roman Catholic papal name dropping. It took until episode three for me to care about this lavishly attended production that wallows and wanes a bit and wastes one of the finest actors around, Derek Jacobi, a scheming Cardinal who's life is ended early on.

Jacobi's run is ended by an early death in episode 2, just like that of riveting actor James Purefoy, cast as King Lot in Starz "Camelot," which airs tonight. "The Borgias" writers 86ed someone worth watching for at least a few more episodes..."