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ITV's new sitcom -- Vicious!

The first reviews for this new ITV sitcom are very promising. As one reviewer puts it:

"Hearing Sir Ian McKellen gleefully call Sir Derek Jacobi “a cheating slut” is a joke we’re not going to get tired of for ages. And that’s one of the less vicious insults being hurled about in episode two of our favourite new sitcom."

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The Master is Coming to Gallifrey!

15-17 February 2013
Marriot Los Angeles Airport Hotel

GALLIFREY 2013 announced this week SIR DEREK JACOBI as a confirmed guest!

Complete information can be found on the convention website: http://www.gallifreyone.com/index.php

Throughout over five decades of professional work, Jacobi's stage career has been matched by his appearances on TV and film in I, Claudius, Gosford Park, Gladiator, The Odessa File, The King's Speech, The Borgias, Cadfael, Dead Again, Hamlet and an Emmy award winning guest shot in the series Frasier. Sir Derek has publicly stated that it was a life long dream to work on Doctor Who, which -- after both a voiceover appearance in the BBC online animated series "The Scream of the Shalka" and as a temporally-displaced Doctor in Rob Shearman's Unbound audio "Deadline" -- he was able to achieve by starring opposite David Tennant in the series three story "Utopia" as none other than the Master himself.
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Derek Jacobi Among Winners for Theatre Awards UK 2011

From here.

The winners for this year's Theatre Awards UK 2011, formerly the TMA Theatre Awards which since 1991 have recognized work seen in regional UK theatres, include Sir Derek Jacobi Michael Sheen and the RSC's Matilda - the musical, with Sir Peter Hall receiving a specail award for outstanding contribution to British theatre.

The winners were announced in a lunchtime ceremony held Oct. 30 at London's Banqueting House in Whitehall, with touring productions at the forefront of those also honored. Edward Hall's Propeller Shakespeare company productions of Richard III and The Comedy of Errors were named Best Touring Production, and Shakespeare's Globe's touring seasons won the Rennee Stepham Award for Best Presentation of Touring Theatre. Mike Bartlett's Love, Love, Love, presented on tour by Paines Plough in a co-production with Theatre Royal, Plymouth, was named Best New Play.

... Derek Jacobi was named Best Actor for his performance in the title role of the Donmar Warehouse's King Lear, which underwent an extensive UK national tour.

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King Lear: SDJ Interview

Full interview is here.

How do you begin your preparation for a new role?

If you're playing a real person the research is very important because you're playing someone that presumably most people know and you have to replicate that. As far as fictional characters are concerned, I think my first instinct is to acquaint myself thoroughly with the text. Not how to say it or why, but parrot fashion, so the rehearsal times aren't taken up with book in hand, 'Ooh sorry, where am I? I've lost my place'. The rehearsal process is about learning where it comes from, what it means, what your attitude to it is, what you take from the other actors. But the basic script is there like a tape recording, it has no intonation, it has no interpretation, just text, and through that comes the search for the character.

Why Lear?

If you have any aspirations to be a classical actor there are two hoops you have to go through: when you are young you have to go through the Hamlet hoop and be judged on the quality of your Hamlet. When you are an old actor you are judged on the quality of your Lear.

SDJ In The Borgias

Here's a heads up...

"High hopes were had for Showtime's 15th century Spanish family potboiler, "The Borgias," after their success of "The Tudors."

I was salivating for a period drama dripping with intrigue, sex and lots of Roman Catholic papal name dropping. It took until episode three for me to care about this lavishly attended production that wallows and wanes a bit and wastes one of the finest actors around, Derek Jacobi, a scheming Cardinal who's life is ended early on.

Jacobi's run is ended by an early death in episode 2, just like that of riveting actor James Purefoy, cast as King Lot in Starz "Camelot," which airs tonight. "The Borgias" writers 86ed someone worth watching for at least a few more episodes..."